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After the Holidays

               Hello! Merry Christmas, Happy Day After Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Happy New Year’s Eve, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Winter Solstice Day (for those guided by the universe). December is a special month that brings joy to some but can also be a sad time for others. As we decorate the Christmas tree, put up lights inside and outside of the house, drink eggnog (or apple cider), sing Christmas carols, enjoy Christmas movies with the same plot, and shop for those special people in our lives, it is also a time to be thankful for the life we have. The presents we give and receive does something to the brain that triggers the feelgood hormone. Yes, the weather outside is colder, but the warmth we feel from the people we love during this time of year can make the colder weather feel delightful. It’s that time for families to get together on Christmas day and dress in matching Christmas pajamas then posting the best photos to Instagram. This is also the season of giving as people volunteer their time to help others in need. We donate more to charities during this time hoping it brings joy to someone in need of encouragement. Others take it a step further by adopting a family so that family can have presents to open on Christmas Day. Even the stingiest of the stingy open their wallets during this time of year. The holidays are so magical even enemies put their differences aside.

               This is what the holiday spirit is all about. Giving and receiving, spending time with family and friends, and peace and love to all. However, I wonder after the holidays are over and the decorations are taken down, are you still kind and generous during the other months of the year? Are you still helping others even though the Christmas music is not being played on the radio? Are you still forgiving those who needs forgiveness so you can be a better version of yourself? Are you donating your time to non-profits that help those in need? How about that family you adopted for Christmas, what have you done to make their lives better from January to November? Are you checking on family and friends when you have some free time? Most importantly, in a consumer society where you are important for helping businesses make profit for the work you perform and the money you spend, do you take time to care for yourself physically and mentally?


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