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Happy Father’s Day 2022

Written By: Preston Thompson

Better late than never is what they say, so here is my blog post wishing all fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day 2022. To the first-time fathers like myself, I hope your introduction to Father’s Day was one that keeps you looking forward to the day year after year. May you be treated like the king that you are, and your life be filled with the love you deserve as you continue to display that fatherly love to your children. As you continue to adjust to your new lifestyle of fatherhood, continue to learn what it takes to be a great father. Be there for your sons and daughters at all times and be willing to receive fair advice from the fathers who have experience.

To the fathers who have been a parent for some time now, Happy Father’s Day to you as well. Continue to pass wisdom to your children and new fathers who seek your advice. Keep leading by example. I know at times you may not feel like a leader, but just know there is someone out there who watches you and are encouraged by your actions.

And to the fathers who may not have children of their own, but filled the role of father to someone, Happy Father’s Day to you! These great men were called to be fathers without birthing a child of their own and excelled in their role! Stepfathers, uncles, friends, coaches, mentors, etc. just know your fatherly advice did not go unheard. Continue to be the father figure a child need.

To the fathers who are parenting alone on a daily basis, I want to wish you a special Happy Father’s Day. I learn so much from my wife and admit parenting without her can be tough, but these fathers do it with little to no help. I know it has to be hard, but this is a special mission assigned for the toughest fathers out there. You stay strong in the fight and continue to be the father you were called to be. You may not get much acknowledgement from the world for taking this role, but just know I acknowledge you for your efforts! I pray you continue to excel in your role. One day, all that hard work, the sacrifices you made, and time you put into being a single father will pay off. The reward will be worth it when it is all said and done.

Lastly, and this may be tough, but Happy Father’s Day to the fathers who are not in their children’s lives. If you are still alive, I hope you can work your differences out and be the father you were called to be. May you find the peace within you to accept your role and do what you can to rebuild that relationship with your children while on the path to healing.

Thank you all for reading my Father’s Day blog. We at The Book of Think Pieces salute all fathers and hope your day was filled with the love you deserve.


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