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Happy September

It’s the best month of the year, September! I can hear Earth, Wind, and Fire singing “September” in my head right now as I type this. And despite the horoscopes, what’s not to love about this month?

The weather gets a little cooler outside as Fall/Autumn arrives, the days get a little shorter, and nature becomes a little more colorful. Our favorite TV shows return for a new season. It is also the return of college and professional football meaning some of us have mindless hours of TV watching over the weekend. Schools from preK to college are back in full swing (test, books, and all). For some of us September represent a fresh start and new beginnings. A time to finish what we started during the hot summer months or start something brand new altogether. A time to really grind in our careers, or take on a whole new career path.

So, to all my September born family, friends, online friends, bloggers, followers, etc. have a Happy September!


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