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After 100 Likes

If you haven’t figured it out by now, let me say this again. We love to celebrate milestones here at The Book of Think Pieces no matter how big or small it maybe. It takes courage to share your work with the world, so each milestones builds onto our encouragement. It encourages us to keep blogging, keep promoting our work, don’t give up. That major milestone is coming one day, but for now, let’s celebrate every milestone like we won a championship.

The newest milestone to add to the list is 100 likes! It took a year and almost a month to reach this milestone. With more followers, 20-something blog post, an iPhone, and advertising each blog through social media with no actual page, it’s safe to say this particular milestone means I am doing something right with this blogging.

Most important, I did not reach this milestone on my own. YOU, yes YOU, made this possible. My wife and son who are my inspiration to keep writing. My extended family’s who support me. My friends, coworkers, and subscribers. Thank you all for reading and liking my work.

After 100 likes I believe promoting my work has become easier. At first I had to give myself a “you can do this” pep talk just to share on Facebook. Too focus on the “what ifs” I would often delay sharing when all I needed to do was share and send. I put too much emphasis on writing a caption thinking this would capture my followers attention. Now, after I finish a blog, I keep my captions short with a link. The right people will click and like. And…Twitter played a big part to promoting my work. #Writerslift and #bloggertribe really came through. It helped me network with other bloggers and content creators in return for support of their work.

Still growing, still learning, but most importantly, enjoying the blogging journey. Closing out I encourage all content creators to not get discouraged when your best does not get likes. Keep working hard, and one day you will see your hard work has finally paid off.

Thank you all for the likes,

Preston T.

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After 1000 Views, What’s Next?

Written By:  Preston A. Thompson

               Once again, I cannot thank you enough for the views, love, support, and subscriptions to The Book of Think Pieces. This blogging journey has been enjoyable, and I have not hit one year yet! Sure there were some ups and downs, a few setbacks, delays, and plenty of writer’s [bloggers] blocks, but I kept going. I kept seeing the good in this blogger’s world and used it as motivation to keep writing. To Kenya, the country, thank you for your views. Then to #writerslift, #writingcommunity, #blogging, and other creative writer’s hashtags on twitter, I thank you! I did not forget about you previously.

               So, after reaching the 1000 views milestone, what is next for The Book of Think Pieces? What do I have in store for the views and subscribers?

               …Well, the answer is simple. I will keep writing, keep hustling. I will think of more content to blog about. As I mentioned in my previous blog After 1000 Views1 I have to keep blogging because I love to write and keep my main audience engaged. I may write about something that creates a debate, or I may write about my experiences. Maybe write a fictional short story or two. But most importantly, I want to do this because writing is my hobby. I want to keep being original. As I gain more followers, I want to support my fellow bloggers. Most importantly, I want to share my work through promoting online.

               I thank you all again for the views! I attempt to inspire and uplift my viewers through blogging. I also like to give my viewers a unique perspective about several topics. In the meantime, I hope you all have a great day. Stay great and stay positive. Remember, there is only one you in this world, and you only have one life to live, so make the most of you and take care of yourself along this journey we call life.

Be on the lookout for my next blog post coming soon…thank you!


  1. Thompson, P. (2022, March 26). After 1000 Views. The Book of Think Pieces.
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So, Why is This Lab Personnel Blogging?

Written By:  Preston A. Thompson

Like every good movie series that has a prequel, this blog has an origin story that goes a little something like this:

               Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Preston Thompson.  I was born and raised in a small, country town in South Carolina that you probably never heard of.  Johnston, it is above Aiken, SC in the Augusta, GA area, the Central Savannah River Area, the CSRA?  Still don’t know?  It’s ok.

               I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in Fall 2009 from the University of South Carolina-Columbia (Go Gamecocks!)  After surviving the Recession of 2007 my full-time career has been working as a Lab Personnel (Lab Technician, Quality Control, now Quality Assurance), just a fancy name for scientist.  I have seen ups and downs on the job, but I enjoy what I do for a living.

               So, why am I blogging now?  My best answer is, I want to see how far I can go with it.  Throughout the years I had plenty of conversations with family, friends, colleagues, etc. about life.  These conversations had me analyzing and thinking from different perspectives to piece together the world we live in.  I have always been a writer for personal leisure, so maybe I should give blogging a try.  Putting my prefrontal cortex to work to give my critical thinking skills a test on life’s subjects and trends.

               Here’s my blog, The Book of Think Pieces, in accordance with personal opinions.  My think pieces are thought-provoking and based off opinion and analysis.  I mean, analysis is what I do all day in the science world, so why not give it a shot with blogging?  Its pep talks through a blog.  My analysis.  My personal opinions.  My thoughts.  My think pieces.